Formulation Creation

Our formulators work with one key goal in mind: create the most amazing skincare products possible using the highest quality Amazonian ingredients. The combination of research, experience, 100% natural ingredients, advanced science and ancient traditions allows us to harness the true and beautiful power of nature.  

Ingredient Selection and Harvesting

The same ingredient can come in many different varieties and qualities. Without fail, we always choose the best and purest form of each and every ingredient that we use, organic wherever possible. Our ingredients are sustainably harvested by local families and co-ops, and our purchases support their local economies.

Packaging Selection

Incredible formulations are just the beginning. We then ensure our products are protected in eco-friendly containers made from Brazilian-grown, sustainable sugarcane. Most of these use airless technology which keeps the keeps the natural ingredients fresh and effective for an extended period of time.

Handmade Production

All of our products are individually handmade, one by one, and assigned their own batch numbers, guaranteeing the utmost transparency, traceability and integrity.

Incredible Results

All of this allows Boto Botanicals to offer highly effective skincare products which are great for your skin and friendly to the environment. Welcome to the best in authentic Brazilian beauty.